Some quick thoughts on the second amendment.

27 Jan

Individuals with firearms did not win the American Revolutionary War. The patriots were  organized into  actual military units and were well trained to the standard of the British regulars.

That’s why the second talks about a militia, because without training, organization and some kind of logistical capability it would be impossible to carry out the intended purpose of the second amendment. Which I believe was not to violently overthrow the government when it became tyrannical, but prevent some other group from overthrowing the government.

State or local governments could supply the logistics, the first amendment right to free association allowed for organization, and free speech meant that people could distribute training manuals and instruct people.

However without being able to use firearms to train with, the militia wouldn’t actually be that effective. So that’s where the second amendment comes in.

Now, of course nobody is organized into a militia, so the second amendment is pointless. It’s just people think individuals with guns can stand up to real armies, possibly because the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, where a well organized militia is losing to a proper military.



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