Leaving behind Space battles

12 Aug

I haven’t posted anything on this blog, but I had some problems, I had to download and install a bunch of games I bought during the big steam summer sale. I could still use the computer, but the wordpress writing tool is oddly laggy. It’s very annoying and I’m writing this in windows notepad.

Well, today I leave behind a childish thing from my early years by declaring that a Star Destroyer would beat the Enterprise-D in a fight.
Wondering which would win in a fight was a very fun game, but it’s time to explore why those two ships existed.

The Star Destroyer is designed to be something that cannot be defeated by raw power alone and must be overcome by returning to the spirtual Force. Like a stormtrooper, it lacks humanity and even the individual ablitity to defeat one is meaningless. There are simply so many of them that a Star destroyer is merely part of a force of nature.

The Enterprise-D is almost the exact opposite.It’s a redshirt, designed to last just long enough to show that the threat is something that cannont be solved merely by raw power or brute force. That while if there was three hundred Enterprises it could overcome the danger, the heroes don’t have that and must use human ingenuity to overcome it.

Games have some level of artistic merit, but they are not Narrative Art. Star Wars and Star Trek are controlled experiences where everything serves the story. There’s no point to daydreaming about what an element of a narrative work would do outside the context of the story, because it only matters in that context.


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