22 Jul

A small notch is the dictionary definition of a nick. And that’s my name, Nick.

I’m a 22 year old male and I think that covers most of the details that matter. Oh, wait I’m white too, but you probably guessed that, since I didn’t mention that I wasn’t.

I have a very morbid yet juvenile perspective, but one that I like to think is tempered by a high degree of self awareness and above intelligence and knowledge.

This blog is designed to be a space where I can put the ideas that I come up with permanently.  And maybe receive a little feedback and start a small discussion.

If my ideas aren’t as magical as I like to think they are, well, that’s okay. Try to look at it, not as a something brilliant but as sort of the views of someone who frankly didn’t win much at the game of life. I do have a lot in common with some very damaged people and my writings should, if nothing else serve as a cooperative case study for the reasons behind that.


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